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Rolls for Sushi Lovers

At Judoku Sushi you get much more than simply sushi; we serve high-quality fresh food lovingly prepared from traditional recipes with a blend of the contemporary.  Great for sushi-lovers of all ages, you will find us fantastically friendly, stylish and affordable.

Food means everything to us; we invest into it so much time and patience when it comes to the sourcing, preparing and serving.  Only the freshest, tastiest and highest quality ingredients pass through our door and onto the table.  Once we have created, we want to share which is why our chef and the team in the kitchen work within an environment which is all-embracing and full of positive energy, with this passion very much being a part of what we do.  Our kitchen is very much an essential element of the restaurant, not just somewhere where your food is prepared.  Not only will you find our menu delicious but the food much admired by every guest.

Judoku Sushi

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